About Me

Barry Phillips established his residential home construction company

in 1985, and it has been his commitment to personal involvement

with the high standard of construction that has led to the

success and growth of his company. “I founded my company based

on the philosophies of honesty, integrity, and hard work,” he shares.

“I believe that’s why the company has grown into one of the most

trusted names in the construction industry of north Alabama.”


Barry Phillips Builder, Inc. is licensed with the Alabama

General Contractors Licensing Board and has built homes

throughout Madison County. Phillips’ clients get the best

from his company, he shares. “The company’s guiding principle

is that its customers deserve only the best when making

the single largest investment of their lives...the best workmanship,

the best materials, and the best service,” he says.

“These are time-honored values that are important to us, and

we believe they are important to our homeowners as well.”


Barry shares that two distinct features have contributed to

the company’s consistency. The first is his own hands-on

approach to building. “From plans, materials, inspections, I

am there myself,” he continues. “I don’t want someone else

to tell me how my client’s home turns out.” The second is the

company’s 100% commitment to completing every job.

Barry and his wife, Estelle, have lived in the Tammerack

Links neighborhood in Hampton Cove since 1992. They

enjoy the Hampton Cove community because their grandkids

are close and their neighbors are so great.


Contact Barry Phillips and his team for more information

about creating your custom dream home! His company does

family homes, patio homes, as well as remodeling projects.

Barry Phillips Builder is located at 2410 L & N Drive SW, Suite C,

Huntsville, and can be reached at (256) 990-2937 and


Written by Teri Hasemeyer